Creating an emotive brand identity for Midrive

Creating an emotive brand identity for Midrive



Midrive is an app that users can use to book driving lessons, practise their driving theory and learn about driving rules and regulations in preparations for their driving test


Head of Design
Product Management


About my role

  • Collaborated with the CMO to develop a multi-channel brand strategy.
  • Took the lead in revitalizing the brand's design through a creative refresh.
  • Organized and managed a photoshoot to replace stock imagery with authentic visuals.
  • Redesigned the website to enhance conversion rates and user experience.
  • Developed new brand guidelines for consistent and impactful branding.
  • Impact

    🚀 Launch Midrive’s first multi-channel brand guidelines

    📈 Increase in conversion from stronger call to actions


    The existing Midrive branding faced significant challenges that undermined its effectiveness. Firstly, the reliance on basic stock imagery resulted in a lack of uniqueness and originality, failing to establish a strong and distinctive brand identity. Secondly, the absence of brand guidelines left creative decisions without a cohesive framework, leading to inconsistent messaging and visual representation across various platforms and materials. This inconsistency diminished the brand's ability to leave a lasting impression on the target audience. Lastly, the existing creative approach failed to connect with the core reasons behind learning to drive, leaving potential customers feeling disconnected and unengaged. Addressing these branding issues was essential to creating a compelling and resonant brand that would truly connect with its audience. As Midrive was also venturing into insurance and car financing, we felt the existing brand was too ‘soft’ and didn’t feel like a brand you could trust with large sums of money.

    Midrive's old branding
    Midrive's old branding was not considred attractive to our target audience


    To address the challenges with the existing Midrive branding, I took a user-centric approach. Firstly, I engaged in meaningful conversations with individuals aged 18-25 to gain insights into their motivations for learning to drive and what truly inspired them. Understanding their perspectives allowed me to align the brand more effectively with their aspirations and desires. One of the significant changes I implemented was updating the logo. I capitalised the 'M' to add a sense of strength and prominence to the brand's identity, giving it a more assertive and impactful look. To ensure consistency and cohesiveness across various platforms and materials, I introduced different versions of the logo suitable for use across different devices, print, and products. This step maintained a unified visual identity within the entire Midrive ecosystem, enhancing brand recognition.

    New brand guidelines
    The new guidelines were designed to add higher contrast to the user experience and reflect a more optimistic tone
    Midrive pricing page
    Pricing table was de-cluttered and put more focus on a recommended pricing plan
    Midrive app download
    Each page was designed to be consistent and re-use components

    Additionally, I revamped the color palette with a higher-contrast selection that resonated better with the younger target audience compared to the previous darker palette. The new colors exuded vibrancy and modernity, aligning perfectly with the preferences of our audience.

    To add personality and uniqueness to our web and communications, I replaced the existing font with Gilroy, a font that gave our headers a distinct and stylish appearance, creating a more appealing visual language.

    Midrive car stickers
    Instructors could add Midrive branding stickers to their car

    Furthermore, I organized a photo shoot to capture lifestyle images that perfectly embodied the emotional responses we gathered from our user interviews. These images helped to establish a strong emotional connection with our audience, making the brand feel more relatable and inspiring.

    Through these comprehensive branding updates, I successfully aligned Midrive's identity with its target audience's motivations, creating a powerful and resonant brand that fostered a deeper and more meaningful connection with its users.

    Midrive social channels
    We used our own photography to give more distinction and maturity to our brand

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