A little bit about me

About Kevin Murphy

With over 10 years experience as designer, I've honed my skills in UX/UI, leadership, design strategy, and user research to drive impactful solutions across diverse sectors. My journey includes spearheading transformational initiatives at Uncapped, where I achieved a 40% uplift in user engagement through strategic onboarding optimization efforts. Collaborating closely with the Chief Product Officer, I strategically launched Uncapped Banking in the United States, expanding our reach into new markets while ensuring accessibility for all users. Additionally, I've directed comprehensive user research strategies, fostering agile experimentation and rapid iteration to meet evolving user preferences.At Runa, I've lead customer-centric initiatives, from guiding users through seamless onboarding experiences to spearheading the successful launch of Runa Balance, a feature enhancing user satisfaction through fee-free orders. My role also involves overseeing the development and delivery of customization tools, empowering users to tailor their experience of Runa payouts. Furthermore, by championing collaboration between design and engineering teams, I established the Runa Design System, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all product development endeavors.During my tenure at City Pantry, I've contributed to innovative solutions such as implementing Build Your Own functionality and designing short-notice ordering capabilities, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience. My focus on user-centered design principles has also led to successful rebranding efforts aligned with Just Eat’s brand guidelines post-merger, demonstrating my commitment to driving tangible business results while fostering collaborative environments for optimal team performance. Let's connect and explore how my expertise can bring value to your team and drive impactful design solutions together.

When i'm not designing

You'll find me hanging out with my 2 young daughters, cooking a new recipe (i'm currently exploring persia cuisine) or spending time reading about 20th century history and politics.

My design philosophy

Validate dirty, polish later

Most ideas we work on are either not going to work, or will need a lot of iteration. Validating quickly is important so more time is spent on design work that will make the most difference.

Communicate often, and honestly

Its important to keep all stakeholders involved at all steps in a design process so research, validation and design direction is understood as things progress.

Understand the business case

Asking how product initiatives will impact the company vision, and quarterly priorities is an important step to being autonomous and delivering maximum value.

Don’t be precious

I've learned it doesn't help to be stubborn and single minded. Being aware of everyones opinions and understanding design is collaborative is crucial to being an inclusive designer.

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