A little bit about me

About Kevin Murphy

With over 10 years of experience as a designer, I have developed a strong proficiency in UX/UI, leadership, design strategy, and user research. I excel in driving impactful solutions across various sectors, focusing on creating user-centric designs and fostering collaborative environments.

My career has involved leading transformational initiatives, optimizing onboarding processes, and launching new products to expand market reach. I have extensive experience in directing user research strategies, facilitating agile experimentation, and iterating designs based on user feedback to meet evolving preferences.

In addition to my technical skills, I have a proven track record of growing and leading high-performing teams to meet business goals. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture, I ensure that each team member is empowered to contribute their best work. My leadership style emphasizes clear communication, continuous learning, and alignment with business objectives, enabling teams to deliver innovative solutions that drive company success.

I have overseen the development of customization tools and established design systems to ensure consistency and efficiency in product development. My work has included enhancing user engagement, improving user satisfaction, and implementing innovative solutions to provide greater flexibility and convenience.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a commitment to driving tangible business results and fostering collaboration between design and engineering teams, prioritising agile design thinking in meet business goals and raise user expectations.

When i'm not designing

You'll find me hanging out with my 2 young daughters, cooking a new recipe (i'm currently exploring persia cuisine) or spending time reading about 20th century history and politics.

My design philosophy

Validate dirty, polish later

Most ideas we work on are either not going to work, or will need a lot of iteration. Validating quickly is important so more time is spent on design work that will make the most difference.

Communicate often, and honestly

Its important to keep all stakeholders involved at all steps in a design process so research, validation and design direction is understood as things progress.

Understand the business case

Asking how product initiatives will impact the company vision, and quarterly priorities is an important step to being autonomous and delivering maximum value.

Don’t be precious

I've learned it doesn't help to be stubborn and single minded. Being aware of everyones opinions and understanding design is collaborative is crucial to being an inclusive designer.

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